If classes need to be cancelled or delayed (due to inclement and/or hazardous weather conditions or another emergency) before the beginning of the school day, while Adelphi is not in session, or after a school day has already begun and students have already arrived to school (but prior to end of day dismissal), an announcement will be placed on Adelphi’s phone system (718-238-3308) and will also be placed on Adelphi’s website ( and CBS websites ( and  Notifications will also be made on television through WCBS Channel 2 News and WLNY Channel 10/55 News.

Because inclement and/or hazardous weather conditions or other emergencies may sometimes create situations beyond Adelphi’s control which may prevent Adelphi from being able to place such notification messages on our phone system and/or our website, we ask that in the event of an emergency, all Adelphi families always regularly check all possible information sources available to them.

If Adelphi is open and in session during poor and/or problematic weather conditions, Adelphi parents are asked to use their best judgment and make individual determinations taking into account all applicable local conditions, distance, travel details, transportation challenges, etc. when considering sending their child(ren) to school.  In such situations please be reminded that all student absences and lateness must still be recorded by Adelphi and students are responsible for any missed work.

Please do not phone the radio station, the television station or Adelphi to inquire about delays or closings and please refer to the information noted above.  It is very important that school telephone lines always be kept open for emergencies.

In the event that Adelphi closes or dismisses early due to inclement and/or hazardous weather conditions or some other emergency, parents will be notified immediately using the contact information provided to Adelphi on your annual Emergency Contact Form and all school-wide services and programs including tutorials, trips, events, after school activities, games, practices, rehearsals, meetings, etc. will always be cancelled and rescheduled.

Please be advised that in determining closings, early dismissals or delay of classes at Adelphi due to inclement and/or hazardous weather conditions or any other emergency situation, the safety and wellbeing of our families and our staff is paramount and always the school’s prime consideration.  Please be reminded that the Adelphi Community is made up of families and professionals who travel from all over the five (5) boroughs and beyond.  It is for this reason that closures and/or early dismissals based on inclement and/or hazardous weather conditions or other emergencies may not just be based on local conditions and/or accumulation alone.  In making such determinations Adelphi consults the National Weather Service as well as local area officials.  All school closings and delays are done so through the Head of School and with the approval of the Board of Trustees and all missed instructional time is made up throughout the year.