Upper School Curriculum

The Upper School’s academic program is designed to prepare students for admission to selective four year colleges or universities and concentrates on blending sound educational experience and college preparatory material within a safe, nurturing and challenging scholastic environment. The program emphasizes a solid and rigorous foundation in core subjects. The curriculum provides a comprehensive program in English/History, Math/Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Computer Education, Physical Education, Community/School Service, Student Activities, Leadership and College Guidance. The curriculum also emphasizes reasoning and analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge and sound judgment as a foundation for the world which students will work and live in at the college level and beyond.

To qualify for graduation, a student must accumulate a minimum of 19 core area units, plus four units total in physical education and health. To fulfill this requirement, a student must carry six core area courses each year in addition to other required courses. Furthermore, all students must fulfill school and community service requirements by the time of graduation. Lastly, they must also fulfill an extracurricular and athletic requirement for each year enrolled.

A trimester system of instruction supports an intensive and concentrated program of studies, with regular student accountability and the opportunity for distinction. It also conforms to normal seasonal holidays, and provides a welcome and necessary pause for recreation and special family association. Each term consists of an average of approximately 54 instructional days, 1 day of teacher in-service activity, 1 day of faculty development, 2 student progress reports, 1 marking period, 1 report card, 1 parent/teacher conference, 4 days of term examination reviews and 3 days of term examinations.

The academic program required for graduation consists of the following core units (each unit is equivalent to one full year):

Terms are designated as follows:
Lockwood Term: Labor Day – Winter Holiday Break
Morrill Term: New Year – Spring Break
Levermore Term: Spring Break – Commencement

Core Areas
English 4 units
History 4 units
Mathematics 4 units
Science 4 units
Foreign Language 3 units


Enrichment Areas
Physical Education 4 units
Health 1 unit
Studio Art/Art History 4 units
Computer Education and Publications 4 units
Studio Music/Music History 4 units
Public Speaking 1 unit
Theater Arts 1 unit
Leadership / Mentoring 1 unit
College Guidance 1.5 units
Etiquette Training 1 unit
Community / School Service 4 units