Project Succeed

The philosophy of Adelphi Academy is a student-centered one. At Adelphi, all students can, with the proper educational guidance and assistance, develop the academic skills necessary to achieve their intellectual potential. In order to facilitate the development of our students’ academic skills, we use an educational approach designed to enhance their strengths, as well as address their academic weaknesses. To that end, the educational program for each student at Adelphi is individualized in both content and approach for alternative instructional environments, teaching strategies, and materials.

Adelphi Academy’s student-focused college preparatory program offers a full academic program that enables students with non-traditional learning styles to participate successfully in the academic program by providing a full range of support services for students with mild learning disabilities, nurtures students’ artistic abilities by supplementing its academic curriculum with programs in performing, visual and fine arts, and challenges each student in his or her area of expertise, enhancing each child’s strengths.

Adelphi Academy’s Project Succeed” addresses students with learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, mild behavioral difficulties, attention disorders, and other neurological conditions. “Project Succeed” may be an appropriate placement for children with developmental disabilities, but with well-developed adaptive skills.

These students can benefit from the school’s small classes and traditional liberal arts and fine arts educational focus. Such students may demonstrate processing, perceptual, or conceptual deficits that occur in visual, auditory, or motor functioning in one or more of these areas, affecting academic, social, and emotional growth.

At Adelphi there is daily emphasis on developing self-confidence, assertiveness skills, and organizational strategies. Instruction is provided in strategies and techniques that will allow students to successfully navigate through the demands of the classroom, their content course work and their personal adjustments. Students receive instruction and counseling as to the nature of their learning disabilities and their specific learning styles.

At Adelphi, students learn the strategies to work with and to conquer their learning problems in a warm and nurturing environment. Our goal is for students to develop and grow their sense of self-confidence through the application of these strategies throughout life, and to become self-advocates in dealing with their learning differences.