Lower School Curriculum

Adelphi’s Lower School curriculum is designed to stimulate a child’s natural love of learning. Goals are set forth in a program consistent with the early stages of a child’s development. The primary goal for the Lower School faculty is to maximize the growth of each individual child. Within the curriculum there are accommodations for individual learning styles to allow each student to develop a positive self-concept, meet academic challenges and master a solid core of elementary skills. Teaching strategies, which include cooperative learning and interdisciplinary activities focus on the development of higher order thinking skills such as reasoning, analyzing, decision-making and problem- solving.

The curriculum remains rooted in the development of language arts. Course time is allotted to vocabulary building, spelling, grammar usage and the development of writing skills. Strong programs in mathematics, science, social studies, instrumental music and computer education complement these courses. Students are also introduced to studies in fine arts, vocal music, foreign languages and physical education. A comprehensive extracurricular program of clubs, activities, intramural sports and academic assistance reflects the talents of teachers who staff them and the wide range of interests of the students who attend them.

The Program 

Emphasis is placed on teaching the basic skills necessary to achieve success in later education and career endeavors. The curriculum, while concentrating on reading, oral and written communication development, mathematical skills, scientific skills, and problem-solving skills, is enriched with Foreign Language, Computers Education, Music, Art, Physical Education and development of Library Media skills. Self-esteem is developed through successful accomplishments in areas of strength and in learning to share these accomplishments.

Cooperative learning, group dynamics and phonics as well as individualized instruction are some of the various methodologies employed to achieve the goals set for the four years of primary education. Independent learning, as well as ability to work as a member of a program team, is enriched and encouraged. The Lower School program prepares the foundation for learning in a pleasant, structured environment with caring professionals.