Get to Know Adelphi’s April 2021 Students of the Month!

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn's April 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Avi (Lower School), Michael (Middle School), Isabella (Upper School), Madeleine (Scholar-Athlete) and Richard (Student-Artist).

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s April 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Avi (Lower School), Michael (Middle School), Isabella (Upper School), Madeleine (Scholar-Athlete) and Richard (Student-Artist).

BAY RIDGE — Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s prestigious “Student of the Month” program continued in May as five outstanding students were recognized for demonstrating extraordinary effort during the month of April. Avi (Lower School), Michael (Middle School), Isabella (Upper School), Madeleine (Scholar-Athlete) and Richard (Student-Artist) each received official certificates signed by Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos, who congratulated each recipient during a special Zoom call. These exceptional Adelphians recently sat down with the Panther Press Room for an exclusive interview, during which they shared some details about themselves and their experiences at Adelphi.

Lower School Student of the Month Avi offered an enthusiastic thumbs up when asked how it felt to receive this prestigious honor. “I feel happy!” he said. Avi said he enjoys all of his classes and has made a lot of friends at Adelphi. He also already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. “I want to be a firefighter,” he said. “I want to help save people from fire. I’m very brave!” he said. Avi has some good advice for his fellow Adelphians who seek to be achieve “Of the Month” honors. “Be nice to your teachers and classmates, be good in class and listen,” he said.

Lower School faculty member Ms. N. Baalbaki said, “Avi is an excellent student. He is always excited and ready to learn. He is kind and helpful and works very well with others. Avi has continued to show a great deal of effort with his assignments and projects throughout the school year. I am so proud of Avi for all his hard work!”

Middle School Student of the Month Michael has aspirations of becoming a world-famous tennis player. It is a dream he’s held for many years, as he began competing professionally in tournaments at a young age. “It was always my dad’s goal to play professionally and I want to honor him,” Michael explained. The active Adelphian is always working to improve his skills on the court. “I’m always training. I work out and go running when I can’t play,” he said. In addition to his professional tennis career, Michael said he is interested in pursuing a career as a computer programmer or lawyer. The humble Middle Schooler was surprised and excited to learn that he had been chosen to receive this honor. “I feel grateful,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting it, to be honest.” Nevertheless, Michael always gives his best effort in class; he particularly enjoys conducting experiments inside the Edmund Gale Jewett Science Laboratory. “I like it because I get to interact with different chemicals and see what they do,” he said. “We recently made water glow in the dark!” His advice to students who are hoping to achieve “Of the Month” accolades is simple. “Don’t be lazy,” he said. “Even just doing your homework counts a lot!”

Homeroom teacher Ms. Wong said, “Michael is a hardworking student who is always excited to learn. He is always willing to help his peers and teachers. I am very proud of Michael for this accomplishment.”

Upper School Student of the Month Isabella said she is proud of how much she has grown during her time at Adelphi. “I’ve become more mature and I’ve grown to understand the importance of school and my education,” she said. Being named Student of the Month was a personal goal that she is proud to have achieved and one that she does not take lightly. “Honestly, this honor makes me want to work even harder,” she said. The ambitious Adelphian already has a dual career in mind, as she hopes to pursue a degree in criminal justice while also serving as a luxury realtor on the west coast. “I’m definitely going to settle down in Beverly Hills,” she said. Isabella is a valuable member of The Adelphi Oracle staff who never shies away from an assignment. She currently pens the popular “Social Scene” column, through which she tracks and discusses trending news in popular culture. “My goal is to earn a title as a senior,” she said. “I like trying new things — that’s part of the Adelphi experience.” As she has grown, Isabella has come to appreciate her position as a role model for younger Adelphians. “I like being a leader, especially for younger students,” she said. She has some important advice for those who are seeking success at Adelphi or in the professional world. “Keep going no matter how many times you get knocked down,” she said. “It’s not just about the destination, but how you get there.”

Homeroom teacher Ms. Giacchino said, “Isabella is a student who is productive and persistent. She strives to do well in her classes and puts her academics first. Isabella has an outgoing personality and is friendly to her peers and teachers. She has been working toward getting this award and I am happy that she has achieved her goal of being selected as a Student of the Month!”

Scholar-Athlete of the Month Madeleine takes her physical education very seriously. In addition to singing and dancing, she sticks to a regular workout routine featuring jumping jacks and kitty hops to stay fit. “I do about 15 or 20 each day,” she said. “It helps me get stronger and healthier and I have a lot of energy.” Madeleine is also an accomplished tennis player who enjoys playing competitively at Matchpoint. “I’ve been playing for four years now,” she said. Madeleine is proud to be an Adelphian and is thankful for the opportunity to learn in person with her classmates. Her favorite moment from this past academic year was creating her very own tie-dyed T-shirt as part of Adelphi’s Spring Break SHTEAM Camp. “I wore it to my friend’s party. Everyone was amazed!” she smiled. Madeleine’s favorite subject is math and she hopes to become a teacher when she grows up. “I like the idea of doing things with students to make learning fun,” she said.

House Morrill House Master Ms. Alvarracin said, “Madeleine is a dedicated athlete who shows teamwork and agility in all sports. I am very proud of her for receiving this Scholar-Athlete of the Month award!”

Student-Artist of the Month Richard said it feels good to know that his art can inspire others. “It feels good,” he said. “I enjoy how people are paying attention to my creations.” One of his most noteworthy projects involved creating a tiger out of multi-layered cardboard pieces and then painting it. “It took me about three days to finish. I definitely used all of my creative juices to perfect it,” he said. Richard also works hard to maintain his physical fitness, developing his own workout routine that he performs at home. “I wanted to better myself physically and develop strength both in mind and body,” he explained. Though currently undecided as to his future career plans, Richard said his interest in fitness has led him to explore careers in the medical field. When it comes to his artwork, Richard said he most enjoys painting nature scenes and draws inspiration from time he spent in the country with family as a child. His favorite art project from this past academic year involved learning about artist Lauren Roth and then creating intricate floral patterns based on her work. “I’m a big fan of her artwork,” Richard said. “I very much liked her depictions of flowers that I saw.” Richard also excels in the performing arts as a member of Adelphi’s Theater Arts Program. He has portrayed a number of memorable characters during his time at Adelphi, including Disney’s Zazu and the Baker in The Adelphian Masquers’ 5 Year Anniversary Show! When it comes to his advice for students, Richard said it’s important to give consistent effort. “Keep going and concentrating on something you like because if you keep doing what you like and do it well then you will eventually be recognized for it,” he said.

Art Instructor Ms. Fregara said, “Richard is an artist who paints, sings and acts in multiple productions at Adelphi Academy each year. I’d say he is a well-rounded artist! Richard shows effort in all of his art assignments. He recently created a cardboard relief sculpture of a ‘strong’ animal — a tiger. This artwork did not even look like it was made out of cardboard! He painted it with such texture and detail that it looked like a masterpiece painted on canvas! Congratulations again to Richard on a job well done. Keep up the amazing work!”

Congratulations once again to Adelphi’s outstanding “Students of the Month” for April: Avi, Michael, Isabella, Madeleine and Richard!

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Photos courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn