Get to Know Adelphi’s February 2021 Students of the Month!

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn's February 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Vanessa (Lower School), Svetlana (Middle School), Nicole (Upper School), Edward (Scholar-Athlete) and Luana (Student-Artist).

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s February 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Vanessa (Lower School), Svetlana (Middle School), Nicole (Upper School), Edward (Scholar-Athlete) and Luana (Student-Artist).

BAY RIDGE — Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s prestigious “Student of the Month” program continued in March as five outstanding students were recognized for demonstrating extraordinary effort during the month of February. Vanessa (Lower School), Svetlana (Middle School), Nicole (Upper School), Edward (Scholar-Athlete) and Luana (Student-Artist) each received official certificates signed by Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos, who congratulated each recipient during a special Zoom call. These exceptional Adelphians recently sat down with the Panther Press Room for an exclusive interview, during which they shared some details about themselves and their experiences at Adelphi.

Lower School Student of the Month Vanessa said she is proud to have been selected for this honor. “I feel happy,” she smiled. She hopes to one day own and operate a restaurant with her sister Annamaria. “I want to be a pizza chef,” she said. The culinary connoisseur said pepperoni is her favorite topping, but that she looks forward to creating new types of pizza in her restaurant for everyone to enjoy. Her favorite subject is math and she excels at counting and adding numbers, which will undoubtedly come in handy in business. Her advice to her fellow Adelphians who wish to attain success is simple. “Listen to the teachers and do all the homework,” she said.

Lower School faculty member Ms. R. Baalbaki said, “Vanessa is always actively engaged in the day’s lessons and eager to assist her classmates at all times. She loves to learn and always does her work on time. I am very proud of her for achieving Student of the Month honors!”

Middle School Student of the Month Svetlana is looking forward to entering the medical field as an ear, nose and throat doctor when she gets older. “I’m interested in science and medicine,” she said. “It’s interesting to learn about what causes different illnesses and how to treat them.” Svetlana said it felt good to be recognized for her hard work. “I’ve been getting good grades on my tests and quizzes,” she acknowledged. “I even got a 102 on my history test!” Svetlana is also highly creative and enjoys being a part of Adelphi’s Honors Art program. Her favorite creation thus far was her acrylic pour art technique painting — an abstract swirl of beautiful colors. She also shows her creativity through designing colorful clothing in Fashion class. “I like designing clothes and choosing the fabrics,” she said. Svetlana has some encouraging words for her fellow Adelphians who are looking to earn similar accolades. “Work hard and always do your best. Never give up!” she said.

Homeroom teacher Ms. Wong said, “Svetlana is a hard-working student who is dedicated to her academics. She is artistic, thoughtful and loyal to her classmates. I am pleased to know that Svetlana is February’s Student of the Month!”

Upper School Student of the Month Nicole was very happy to have earned “Of the Month” honors in her first year as an Upper School student at Adelphi Academy. “It feels very good,” she smiled. The longtime Adelphian, who began her career at the Academy in Pre-Kindergarten, takes great pride in her schoolwork. “I like seeing my work hanging up in the hallway,” she said. Nicole knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up. “I’m going to be a dentist,” she said. “I like to help people.” She was inspired by the friendly, calm demeanor of her own dentist as a child and wants to work to help people perfect their smiles. “A smile is so important because it makes people happy,” she said. To find success at Adelphi, Nicole said it’s important to do three things. “Behave, listen to the teachers and do all your work,” she said. Her advice to new and younger Adelphians is to develop their own interests. “If you find something you believe in, you can achieve anything!” she said.

Homeroom teacher Ms. Foronda said, “Nicole is a bright student who shows her creative side in her work, art and spirit. She is a student who shows her kindness toward her peers and doesn’t hesitate to help others. As her homeroom teacher, I am very proud of all she has accomplished in her first year of high school.”

Scholar-Athlete of the Month Edward has a strong interest in the sport of amateur wrestling. “You have to use your brain,” he said. “Sometimes strength isn’t enough. You have to be quick and you have to be smart.” Naturally, the athletic Middle Schooler’s favorite Spirit Day at Adelphi is Sports Appreciation Day. This year, he’s got special plans for the big day. “I have my very own Islanders jersey and it has my name on it!” he said. “I think I’m going to wear that one.” Edward is indeed a big fan of the Islanders and could see himself playing on the team one day. “I would play center,” he said. If his NHL dream doesn’t come to fruition, however, Edward has a solid backup plan. “I’m going to be a dentist like my uncle,” he said. Edward knows what it means to be a good Adelphian. “You have to behave, listen, do all your work on time and help your classmates,” he said.

Homeroom teacher Mr. Rehberg said, “Edward is an energetic athlete who is always the first to participate when an athletic game is offered. While playing the game, he is always very kind to his fellow classmates. Edward is very deserving of this award and I am very proud of his achievement.”

Student-Artist of the Month Luana was humbled to learn that she had been chosen to receive this prestigious honor. “I feel happy and proud,” she said. Luana has been hard at work creating digital versions of Adelphi’s four House banners using Adobe Photoshop as part of her senior project. “I like to draw on the computer,” she said. The Class of 2021 member said she is interested in pursuing a degree in animation or 3-D graphic design in college. In addition to using Photoshop, Luana enjoys creating artwork by hand as well. She especially enjoys creating acrylic paintings. Her favorite such piece appeared in the Winter 2020 edition of Adelphi’s award-winning art journal, The Adelphian. “It was called ‘Happy Snowman,’” she smiled.

Art Instructor Ms. Fregara said, “Luana is a well-rounded artist who excels when using any material she is given. She has a special touch when drawing anime characters. Her artwork always has a story to tell and all of the stories behind her work are meaningful. When she uses watercolor paint she shows her delicate side. Luana’s graphic art skills have exceeded expectations, as she is in the process of working on designing our House banners as her senior art project. She has a great love for art and a lot of the work that she has created at Adelphi will be forever remembered. Artist Romero Britto once said, ‘Art is too important not to share.’ I am so happy that Luana has shared her talent all these years with at Adelphi. Way to go, Luana!”

Congratulations once again to Adelphi’s outstanding “Students of the Month” for February: Vanessa, Svetlana, Nicole, Edward and Luana!

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Photos courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn