Get to Know Adelphi’s March 2021 Students of the Month!

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn's March 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Martin (Lower School), Sarah (Middle School), Maksim (Upper School), Emma (Scholar-Athlete) and Timothy (Student-Artist).

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s March 2021 Students of the Month (clockwise from top): Martin (Lower School), Sarah (Middle School), Maksim (Upper School), Emma (Scholar-Athlete) and Timothy (Student-Artist).

BAY RIDGE — Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s prestigious “Student of the Month” program continued in April as five outstanding students were recognized for demonstrating extraordinary effort during the month of March. Martin (Lower School), Sarah (Middle School), Maksim (Upper School), Emma (Scholar-Athlete) and Timothy (Student-Artist) each received official certificates signed by Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos, who congratulated each recipient during a special Zoom call. These exceptional Adelphians recently sat down with the Panther Press Room for an exclusive interview, during which they shared some details about themselves and their experiences at Adelphi.

Lower School Student of the Month Martin was excited to learn that he had been selected for this prestigious honor. “It feels amazing to receive this award. It means a lot to me,” he said. Martin always tries his best in class and understands the importance of paying attention to instructions. His favorite subject is math, which he particularly enjoys because of the unique manner in which it is taught at Adelphi. “We do fun activities!” he said. Despite his strong interest in mathematics, the multi-talented Lower Schooler sees himself eventually pursuing a career in the arts. “I would like to be a designer because I am good at art,” he said. Martin is proud to be an Adelphian and enjoys the nurturing environment Adelphi provides. “I enjoy meeting friends, learning new things and getting to know everyone,” he said. For his classmates who aim to receive “Of the Month” honors, Martin has some excellent advice. “Pay attention in class and listen to the teacher,” he said.

House Levermore House Master Ms. Foronda said, “Martin shows his personality around his peers when given the opportunity. He enjoys working on House competitions with his House mates, creating artwork, and interacting with those around him in his classes. I am truly proud to be his House Master because of all the hard work he has done so far this year. He certainly deserves this honor!”

Middle School Student of the Month Sarah was overjoyed to learn of her inclusion in the March 2021 slate of honorees. “It feels amazing to be selected for the Student of the Month award!” she exclaimed. “My family was so proud of me.” Sarah is a talented writer and artist whose work has appeared in Adelphi’s award-winning art journal, The Adelphian. “My favorite academic subject is English because I like writing creative stories and reading books,” she said. She also excels in science and hopes to pursue a career in the medical profession. “I want to be an eye doctor when I grow up because I want to help people,” she said. To Sarah, Adelphi has always felt like home — it doesn’t hurt that several of her family members also attend the Academy! “My favorite part of being a student in Adelphi is that a lot of my siblings and relatives are in this school,” she smiled. “Also there are always a lot of fun events throughout the year.” Sarah enjoys spending time with her family both in and out of school. “I like to draw and play with my siblings and cousins,” she said. Her advice for her siblings and fellow classmates who hope to succeed at Adelphi is simple. “Try your best, work hard and believe in yourself,” she said.

Homeroom teacher Ms. Wong said, “Sarah is a delightful student who shows her imaginative side in her writing and art. She shows her compassion toward her classmates and is inquisitive in the classroom. She has become more independent in her schoolwork and is growing into a wonderful young lady. I am so proud that Sarah has been chosen as March’s Middle School Student of the Month.”

Upper School Student of the Month Maksim was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had been selected to receive this award. “It’s surprising, but I definitely worked harder and made a conscious effort to improve,” he said. Maksim actually received the news while serving as a counselor for Adelphi’s recent Spring Break SHTEAM Camp, working as a guide to younger Adelphians. “Coming back during break to help out feels good,” he said. “Being able to interact with the younger students makes Adelphi special.” Maksim is not yet sure what career path he will choose to follow, but he enjoys studying technology and math. He also enjoys being involved in Adelphi’s student newspaper, The Adelphi Oracle, for which he pens the popular “Chef Maksim’s Foods From Around the World” column. “It’s really cool that I have a role in the paper and that I can help people recreate my recipes at home,” he said proudly. The food aficionado enjoys watching shows like “Mater Chef” and draws inspiration from them. He has some sage (pun intended!) advice for aspiring chefs everywhere. “Don’t be afraid to experiment,” he said. “Go with what you think will taste best.” As for achieving “Of the Month” honors, Maksim said there are three things Adelphians should do. “Work hard, behave and try to be a leader,” he advised. Reflecting upon his achievement, Maksim was filled with gratitude and joy. “I feel grateful to my teachers and everyone who helped me get here,” he smiled.

Homeroom teacher Ms. Giacchino said, “Maksim has truly grown since starting his Adelphi career. He is very friendly and has a great sense of humor. Maksim is consistent with his work and makes an effort in all things Adelphi, whether participating in events or after-school activities. I am very proud of him for receiving this award. Congratulations!”

Scholar-Athlete of the Month Emma was so excited about the honor that she drew a picture of herself with her award to celebrate the occasion. “It feels awesome to win this award!” she exclaimed. “My family was very happy for me.” She knows what it means to be a Student of the Month at Adelphi. “It means that I worked really hard and did all the activities,” she said. “To win, you need determination, hard work and focus.” Emma enjoys singing, dancing and staying active through Adelphi’s physical fitness program. Her favorite sport to watch and play is basketball, she said. Academically, the versatile Middle Schooler excels in both art and science. “I like science because I like learning about animals and I like to do experiments,” she said. Meanwhile, her artwork has also appeared in The Adelphian. Emma already knows what she would like to be when she grows up. “I want to be a lawyer like my mom, so I can help people,” she said proudly.

Academy Guidance Counselor Ms. Wynne said, “Emma always gives maximum effort inside the classroom and she takes her physical education seriously. She loves to stay active through dance and exercise and serves as a wonderful example for her fellow Adelphians. She is kind, caring and helpful to others. I am very proud of her for receiving this prestigious award!”

Student-Artist of the Month Timothy felt a sense of tremendous pride after learning that he had received this honor. “I feel like my drawing skills have finally paid off,” he said. “My family is happy for me; they think I should continue to study art.” Timothy, who serves as staff cartoonist and illustrator for The Adelphi Oracle, said he enjoys producing content that others will read and appreciate. “I like creative activities,” he said. While he utilizes digital programs like Storyboard That to help him perfect his cartoons for the newspaper, Timothy still enjoys creating artwork by hand. “I like to do all pencil or pen sketches. I find it relaxing and easy to work with,” he said. One of his favorite art projects at Adelphi involved channeling his inner Picasso. “We had to make a self-portrait using the Picasso style,” he explained. “It was fun to use his wacky and funky art style!” In addition to his artistic prowess, Timothy enjoys science and technology and plans to pursue a degree in engineering mechanics. “I like working with my hands and making something useful,” he said. As a longtime Adelphian, Timothy has benefited from and can appreciate the Academy’s unique approach to education. “Adelphi is nice and interactive; it gives you a lot of freedom to choose a class or subject you like and work on it,” he said. The Upper Schooler has some important advice for his younger schoolmates. “The main skill you need is to be determined and try your best,” he said. “Do what you like and work hard on it and, with some patience, it will pay off.”

Art Instructor Ms. Fregara said, “Timothy has a great imagination when it comes to creating illustrations. The medium Timothy prefers is either pencil or ink pens. Timothy does not have to look at an object in order to draw it; he creates his own stories in his mind and brings them to life on paper. I always enjoy listening to the stories he has behind his illustrations. When I think of Timothy as an artist, I think of this quote by Edgar Degas: Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Every time I look into a work of art that Timothy has made, I can always find something new, no matter how many times I look at it. Congratulations, Timothy!”

Congratulations once again to Adelphi’s outstanding “Students of the Month” for March: Martin, Sarah, Maksim, Emma and Timothy!

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Photos courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn