Get to Know Adelphi’s October 2020 Students of the Month!

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn's October 2020 Students of the Month: Annamaria (Lower School), Lucas (Middle School), William (Upper School) and Erika (Student-Artist).

Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s October 2020 Students of the Month: Annamaria (Lower School), Lucas (Middle School), William (Upper School) and Erika (Student-Artist).

BAY RIDGE – Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s prestigious “Student of the Month” program continued in early November as four outstanding students were recognized for demonstrating extraordinary effort during the month of October. Annamaria (Lower School), Lucas (Middle School), William (Upper School) and Erika (Student-Artist) each received official certificates signed by Head of School Ms. Iphigenia Romanos, who congratulated each recipient during a special Zoom call. These exceptional Adelphians recently sat down with the Panther Press Room for an exclusive interview, during which they shared some details about themselves and their experiences at Adelphi.

Lower School Student of the Month Annamaria was thrilled to have been selected for “Of the Month” honors and said she is so happy to be back in school learning alongside her fellow Adelphians. “I’m happy to see more students coming to school,” she said. “I missed my friends!” The aspiring pizza chef has a secret recipe that she knows will bring her success when she opens her own restaurant. “I’m going to make a vegetable pizza with broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and pickles!” she smiled. Annamaria said she owes much of her success at Adelphi to following three simple guidelines. “Help others, raise your hand in class, and always be kind,” she said.

Lower School faculty member Ms. N. Baalbaki said, “Annamaria is a remarkable student. She is always eager and ready to learn. Annamaria is a wonderful friend to all her classmates and works very well with others. She has been showing excellent progress throughout the term. I am so proud of Annamaria’s hard work!”

Middle School Student of the Month Lucas is new to Adelphi, but he has had absolutely no trouble making friends or achieving success thus far. “I love Adelphi!” he said. “I like the schedule and the way I’ve been treated by everyone. I’ve made a lot of friends already.” Lucas is a talented artist who always keeps his sketchbook nearby. “I love art and want to be a professional artist one day,” he revealed. “I enjoy drawing portraits. Using charcoal is my favorite.” Lucas acknowledged that it took a lot of practice at the beginning, but eventually he began to master his artistic abilities and create more detailed sketches. “My favorite sketch is a police officer I did recently,” he said. Other notable creations of his include portraits of Elvis, David Bowie and Albert Einstein. His advice to other new Adelphians seeking accolades is simple: “Have good behavior, keep up with your work and be kind to others.” At Adelphi, Lucas said he feels right at home. “I’m glad to have all these friends, studying all these subjects and being part of the Adelphi family!” he smiled.

Homeroom teacher Ms. Wong said, “Lucas is a creative student who likes to use his imagination in his writing and artwork. He continues to show his school spirit by being involved with the art program. Lucas is a studious student who shows his hard work through the quality of his academics. I am very proud that he is Middle School Student of the Month for October.”

Upper School Student of the Month William can’t believe he is due to graduate in June. “I feel like I just came to this school!” he said. Nevertheless, the Class of 2021 member is indeed preparing to pursue a career as an architect — a decision that was made easier following his recent summer internship at The Cooper Union. “The internship was definitely up to my expectations and it convinced me that I should pursue architecture,” he said. William has some sound advice for younger students who may not have identified a clear career path yet. “Start thinking about the future now,” he said. “And keep your grades up because they matter. It’s important to stay on task. Ask a peer or a teacher if you need assistance because they are here to help.” William has excelled in academics and extracurricular activities during his time at Adelphi. He serves on the Student Advisory Board, co-moderates the Brain Games Club and was named Production Manager of The Adelphi Oracle last year. He has written the popular “Talkin’ Tech” column along with school-related articles regularly since joining the staff during his first year as an Adelphian. “Being involved is great because I actually have things to write about for the paper,” he said. “It shows that if you stick with something, you can grow.” As his time at Adelphi winds down, William said he will look back fondly at his time here. “I will miss the bonds I’ve made, especially with the faculty,” he said.

Homeroom teacher Mr. DeCrescenzo said, “William has always been determined to get work done on time and in proper fashion. He takes pride in doing the best he can, while always striving to do even better. I am very proud of William for receiving this Student of the Month honor.”

Student-Artist of the Month Erika is also set to graduate in June and has her sights set on pursuing her art more seriously in college. As part of her senior project, she has been commissioned to create various paintings pertaining to Adelphi to be permanently placed on display throughout the building. She’s very proud to have been chosen for this project. “Art helps make your surroundings more colorful,” she said. “I’m glad to be able to do that for Adelphi.” Erika’s growth as an artist has come with much discipline and practice. “You have to have interest from an early age and develop it. If you have an interest, you can spend more time practicing and developing your skills,” she explained. Looking back on her time at Adelphi, Erika is struck by the fact that she waited a bit to become involved in activities like The Adelphi Oracle, the Student Advisory Board and the Theater Arts Program. “I couldn’t believe I was so shy,” she remarked. “Like, why?” She advises her fellow Adelphians to explore all that Adelphi has to offer, as she eventually did. “Don’t be shy! Try everything because you never know what you might like,” she said. Erika said she will miss her teachers and appreciates all they have done for her throughout her time at Adelphi. “I’m very appreciative of everyone. Ms. Wynne has been so proactive. Mr. DeCrescenzo is so understanding. And Ms. Fregara gave me an opportunity to showcase my abilities. I will miss them all,” she said.

Art Instructor Ms. Fregara said, “Erika is one of the most dedicated artists I have ever encountered in my career in teaching. She spends hours practicing her skills and she enjoys doing so. Erika’s talent is timeless. I am proud of what she has accomplished thus far, and I am looking forward to seeing her complete her senior year here at Adelphi. Erika will be leaving her artistic legacy in Adelphi in the form of multiple paintings. Erika is applying to multiple art programs and I know the institution that she chooses will be lucky to have a student like her. Congratulations on a terrific job!”

Congratulations once again to Adelphi’s outstanding “Students of the Month” for October: Annamaria, Lucas, William and Erika!

As the oldest private, independent, continuing, coeducational, college-preparatory day school in the borough and one of the oldest in the nation, Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn, “the little school of big dreams” has been “effectively preparing young people for college, career, and life, one day at a time” for over 150 years. Founded in 1863 and located in the historic Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, Adelphi enrolls students from three years of age through twelfth grade. A strong emphasis is placed on small class size, individualized attention, self-expression, critical thinking and challenging hands-on learning through Adelphi’s founding philosophy and dedication to the education of the “total child.” Adelphi students excel within a small, intimate, safe, caring, nurturing, and secure environment through Adelphi’s core values and founding principles of pride, tradition, spirit, and excellence. The student-teacher ratio is 8 to 1 and Adelphi is a New York State Regents Exempt Program with a 100% college application, acceptance and attendance rate. A founding member of the Coalition of Essential Schools, Adelphi receives its charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and has been a member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools since 1928. Ms. Iphigenia Romanos serves as Head of School.

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Photos courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn