Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s Theater Arts Program has long had a tradition of providing Adelphi and the larger community with an artistic, technical and historical introduction to the performing arts. This activity is designed and adjusted each year to specifically address and enhance the cultural literacy of our students.

Throughout the history of Theater Arts at Adelphi, The Adelphian Players – Brooklyn’s oldest equity theater showcase, founded in 1965 – and The Adelphian Masquers have presented dramas, comedies, and musicals. They have worked on the traditional proscenium-set stage, have tackled theatre-in-the-round and have even performed outdoors.

An involvement in the Theater Arts Program helps many students gain the self-confidence that is crucial when heading into interviews for colleges and careers. However, Theater Arts at Adelphi is not solely about being on the stage. Students can also help out behind the scenes by designing and building sets, painting backdrops, working as a script manager or stage manager, assisting with the lights and sound, or even by selling tickets and designing playbills.

By putting together a production, our students learn about dedication and teamwork. Furthermore, critical thinking skills and interpretive analysis of literature is enhanced through selecting a piece of literature and/or music and bringing it to life upon the stage. 

Recently, the program was enhanced by the addition of a weekly Fine Arts Program. Students who may not have otherwise become involved in the dramatic arts program can sample improvisation and scene-acting during this time. 

While the Players and Masquers are an important part of Adelphi’s rich history, they are an even more important part of Adelphi’s future. Special projects, such as exhibiting students’ original one-act plays, will allow the program to mature and expand to meet our students’ needs.